Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park: wakeboarding is welcome here

New wakeboard parks are being opened in France, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Turkey and Ukraine. The world's most populous country has also a major cable wakeboard facility.

Wakeboarding is the next big thing in watersports. The inclusion of cable wakeboarding in the 2020 Olympic Games shortlist is opening the door to a global growth of these low cost wakeboard facilities.

Egypt will also join this global expansion with its first facility. In the capital of China, Beijing, the Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park has debuted a cable wakeboarding area, too.

This electric powered wakeboard facility introduces an environmentally friendly sport to this important area with an attractive return on investment which adds to its appeal.

As this is already Asia's largest watersports training base, Beijing area residents and visitors will be invited to attend the official opening ceremony early in the New Year.

Located just 30 minutes drive from downtown Beijing, an interesting feature provides for the water to be recycled every 35 to 40 days. With 60 countries on site competing for the 32 Olympic gold medals awarded at the lake in 2008, many will recall the great success of this first class facility at that time.

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is currently preparing to present its case for the inclusion of wakeboarding in the 2020 Olympic Games, at a meeting scheduled for Lausanne, in Switzerland, in December.

The new Shunyi Cable Wakeboard facility is "a very welcome addition to the global network of such facilities", according to IWWF President, Kuno Ritschard.

Discover the cable wakeboarding parks of the world.

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