Barbie: the blonde doll loves windsurfing

Do you know that Barbie loves windsurfing? Yes, apparently, she is into sailing, and her windsurf board and sail promise to stand out in the blue waters of the exotic Caribbean seas.

Everybody knows Barbie. The most famous fashion doll in the world was born on March 9, 1959.

Her "mother," the US businesswoman Ruth Handler, got inspired by the German toy doll "Bild Lilli" and debuted her American version through Mattel.

Barbara Millicent Roberts, also known as Barbie, may be over 50, but she keeps surprising her fans and detractors with a wide variety of interests, skills, and accomplishments.

The "Barbie On-The-Go Beach Doll and Windsurfer Set" shows the blonde sportswoman ready for a day of adventure in the windy waters.

Her bright pink and blue windsurfing kit is girly enough to inspire her youngest fans.

Details have not been forgotten. Notice the boom, the foot straps, and the monofilm sail. Barbie, the windsurfer, is suitable for girls between three and ten years.

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