2018 Lancelin Ocean Classic: Alexandre Cousin won the windsurfing marathon | Photo: Carter

Alexandre Cousin and Andrew Cooksey have taken out the windsurfing and kitesurfing marathons at the 2018 Lancelin Ocean Classic, held in Western Australia.

The Shire of Gingin is home to the Lancelin Ocean Classic. Located 84 kilometers north of Perth, its stunning coastline, adventurous dunes, pristine rivers and panoramic views make it a unique and perfect getaway.

The event that combines a marathon and wave riding has once again attracted pro and amateur contestants from all around the globe, making it one of the biggest editions yet, since it was first run in 1986.

In the first day of competition, windsurfers and kitesurfers hit the waves and battled the wind to put on a show for the judges. With the wind in their favor, the riders pulled out their best maneuvers to get a shot at placing and taking a piece of the prize money.

In the windsurfing division, Philip Köster proved why he is the best wave sailor in the world right now. The German put on a clinic performance and stole the show. On the kitesurfing side, it was Ryland Blakeney who claimed the trophy.

On the final day, all eyes were on the 25-kilometer marathon between Ledge Point and Lancelin. France's Alexandre Cousin dominated the windsurfing fleet, while Andrew Cooksey conquered the kitesurfing race.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic also honored two watersports legends. Ben Proffitt and Dale Stanton won the Peter Volwater Trophy, and the Ian Young Trophy, respectively.

2018 Lancelin Ocean Classic | Results

Windsurfing Marathon

1. Alexandre Cousin
2. Avan Griffith
3. Ben Proffitt

1. Geoff Watters
2. Karin Jaggi
3. Ohhan Kwon

1. Karin Jaggi
2. Kirra Pallant
3. Lok Yiu Won

Windsurfing Waves

1. Philip Koster
2. Adam Lewis
3. Jaeger Stone

1. Geoff Watters
2. Jorge
3. Matt Mormans

1. Jane Seman
2. Justyna Sniady
3. Maeli Cherel

Kitesurfing Marathon

1. Andrew Cooksey
2. Mani Bisschops
3. Alty Frisby

1. Kathryn Davies
2. Rachael Hughes
3. Karin Scheiwiller

Kitesurfing Waves

1. Ryland Blakeney
2. Jake Gordon
3. Dale Stanton

1. Theresa Mckirdy
2. Fabienne Bosiger

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