Windsurfing sail: a fun thing to do | Sketch:

Have you ever thought of producing your own personal windsurfing sail? Well, it is possible and might be quite fun.

Of course, you should be careful where and when you're going to test drive it because you might get lost out in the sea.

So, here's the deal. Build it and try it on a skateboard, and then, if you think it's safe, test it in a lake with a couple of friends.

First of all, you'll need to get the materials.

Look for a long and wide monofilm panel or two dozen IKEA bags.

Homemade Windsurfing Sail 101

Design your sail based on a pro model.

  1. Cut several panels and overlap the margins by three or four centimeters;
  2. After confirming that the 'puzzle' is actually similar to a real windsurfing sail, it's time for a crucial step: uniting the panels;
  3. Buy a two-sided strong tape and get them together;
  4. Wait a couple of hours and ask your mother or grandmother if they can get the sewing machine to work;
  5. Stitching the panels is decisive. If the work's well done, your safety levels will increase, and you'll also sail faster;
  6. Try to get tight stitches to reinforce the edge of the panels;
  7. Don't forget you need a window in front of your eyes. There are several cheap options, but you can go for an old and transparent bath shower curtain;

When you're finished, take a deep breath, relax, and prepare for the last step: a compartment for the windsurfing mast.

No problem. Find a strong bed towel and wrap the mast. Cut the correct measure and stitch it in the windsurfing sail.

Now that you're done, add stickers of your favorite sponsors and hit the winds.

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