Ingrid Puusta crosses the Baltic Sea on a windsurfer

September 27, 2016 | Windsurfing
Ingrid Puusta: she sailed 100 nautical miles between Sweden and Estonia | Photo: Ingrid Puusta

Ingrid Puusta has completed the crossing of the Baltic Sea on a windsurfer.

The Estonian Olympic RS:X sailor traveled 100 nautical miles (185 kilometers) between the island of Farö, in Sweden, and Türju, in Estonia.

Puusta kicked off her adventure at 7:37 am, and concluded the solo crossing in darkness at 9:25 pm. That's nearly 14 hours of windsurfing in rough seas.

The final hours were extremely hard, but with the motivation she got from the support team, Ingrid managed to keep her board and sail moving.

"I had planing conditions for a good part of the way, but it was hard work at the start in light winds for two hours, and then the last 25 miles I was also not planing and had to pump for 5 hours!" explained Ingrid Puusta.

"I am feeling physically tired, but mentally exhausted. Having to stand in one position for a long time, and the big waves made the trip really hard."

Ingrid Puusta is raising funds for Estonian disabled sailors wishing to learn how to sail and to start the first sailing training program for handicapped athletes in her country.

Ainar Annus, Matthew Rickard, Jaak Lukk, Marek Peet Narvast, and Kulli were the members of the team that helped Puusta complete the Baltic Sea crossing.

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