Marcilio Browne: IWT's 'Most Radical Biggest Wave of All Time' so far | Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries

The inaugural International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) Big Wave Awards honored and celebrated the best riders in the sport's history.

The event ceremony crowned the biggest and most radical big wave windsurfers, as well as the finest videographers and photographers from all around the world.

The international panel of judges received over 100 entries from Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, New Caledonia, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, France, Chile, Peru, and Africa.

The first-ever IWT Big Wave Awards analyzed photos and footage from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, right up to early 2020.

The athletes' performances were classified under three different divisions: men, women, and youth. Judges wanted to see the best displays of power, skill, and exceptionally brave wave riding.

The awards ceremony, which was supposed to be held at Paia Town in Maui, Hawaii, was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the winners have been named.

"In the future, we will certainly see more extraordinary images emerge, both old and new. This will be an ongoing project - a place to start," the IWT states.

"We expect to continue to unearth and celebrate the best big wave windsurfers in the history of the sport who inspire and unify us all."

Robby Naish: riding one of the biggest waves in the history of windsurfing | Photo: Erik Aeder

This Is Only The Start

Camille Juban (video below) and Robby Naish (pictured above) won the "Men's All-Time Biggest Wave" with two 56-foot wave rides at Jaws/Peahi.

Z Schettewi ended up winning the "Men's Biggest Wave," "Youth Biggest Wave," and "Biggest Wipeout of the Year" awards.

Sarah Hauser took home the "Women's Biggest Wave of the Year" with a wave in the 36-to-38-foot range.

Kai Lenny claimed the "Youth All-Time Biggest Wave" with a monster liquid mountain ridden at Jaws when he was just 18.

The "Biggest All-Time Wipeout" went to Robby Swift, while Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne (top photo) was awarded the "Most Radical Maneuver of the Year/All Time."

Sarah Hauser: the biggest wave ever ridden by a female windsurfer | Photo: Erik Aeder

2020 International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) Big Wave Awards | Winners

Men's All-Time Biggest Wave
Camille Juban: 56 feet
Robby Naish: 56 feet

Men's 2019/20 Biggest Wave
Z Schettewi: 39 feet

Women's All-Time Biggest Wave
Sarah Hauser: 36-38 feet

Women's 2019/20 Biggest Wave
Sarah Hauser: 36-38 feet

Youth <20 All-Time Biggest Wave
Kai Lenny: 44 feet

Youth <20 2019/20 Biggest Wave
Z Schettewi: 39 feet

Biggest All-Time Wipeout
Robby Swift

Biggest 2019/20 Wipeout
Z Schettewi

Most Radical Biggest Wave of All Time
Marcilio Browne

Most Radical Biggest Wave of 2019/20
Marcilio Browne

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