Wizard by NeilPryde: pure magic

NeilPryde has unveiled the new "Wizard" windsurf sail. The brand has teamed up with the Freestyle world champion Steven van Broeckhoven to design ultimate sail for new school freestyle riding.

"Wizard" promises more power, more pop, more air, while it is easy to handle and shows early planing and a lot of drive. The new NeilPryde sail will "work like magic".

"The increased curve in the upper luff gives good power and sail body tension while keeping the leech relatively tight and stable", explains Robert Strok, the "Wizard" designer.

"This provides a constant pull throughout the sail allowing the sail to float neutral during ducking maneuvers, having good leech tension during clew-first moves and transition instantly during combination moves", he adds.

The "Wizard" handles a wide range of winds, from 9 to 40 knots, with the 3.8 to 6.5 sail sizes.

"Rigging the 'Wizard' correctly is really important. It’s a pure freestyle sail so it does not need as much downhaul as a wave sail. I rig it so that the leech is loose between the two top battens. This way you keep the profile and power in the sail which is needed for new-school tricks", says Steven van Broeckhoven.

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