3Di technology by North Sails: it will allow the development of a 3D molded windsurfing sail | Photo: North Sails

North Sails has announced the development of a 3D molded wave windsurfing sail.

The sailing company will adopt its 3Di patented sailmaking technology in the creation of a unique windsurfing sail. 3Di is used in sails that are currently competing at the America's Cup.

"It is really America's Cup technology. It is not fake," reveals Raoul Joa, sail expert at North Sails.

"All regular windsurfing sails are two-dimensional, segmented shapes. But this one is completely 100 percent molded, which means it is an entirely 3D shape."

"It is made in a totally different way. It is made like a windsurfing board, like the shell. You can repair it like a board; you just need to patch it."

The third prototype, a five-meter model, is a lightweight sail. It comes in one piece, like a basketball, because it features a spread filament tape that is thin, flexible, and resistant.

As a result, you get a sail that will not develop wrinkles, and it has no reinforcements or stitches.

Different areas of the sail have different layers because they're subjected to various forces and pressures. Only the mast sleeve remains unchanged.

"I tested it in Klitmoller on a 5.0, and it felt super powerful. The material delivers instant power, but when I got powered up, I was surprised I wasn't as overpowered as I would think," explains pro windsurfer Klaas Voget.

"The material has quite a wide range of uses, but we're still in the development stage, and we need to do more testing. We need to know how many layers we need to reinforce here and there to control the shape of the sail."

North Sails will now start testing their new molded windsurfing sail, and the first models will be marketed at around 2,000 euros by February 2018.

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