The day Apple decided to sell windsurfing boards and sails

Apple iWindsurfer: it didn't had chips or disk drives

In the mid-1980s, and without Steve Jobs in the company, Apple decided to diversify its portfolio of products. A complete windsurfing kit was marketed - with board and sail - but people still preferred computers.

In 1985, an internal battle nearly killed Apple Computer, Inc. Steve Jobs and John Sculley fought for the leadership role, and Jobs was forced to leave the high tech company.

That was when the management team at Apple decided to innovate. The Apple Collection - an odd catalogue of t-shirts, watches, boardshorts, umbrellas, sunglasses, pins, and backpacks - wanted to sell more than just computers. Despite good intentions, it failed.

But The Apple Collection also sold windsurfing equipment. Or should we say an iWindsurfer? The catalogue showed us a complete windsurfing kit "for beginners and seasoned sailors alike".

It basically featured a F2 America 360 11' 10'' sailboard, "constructed of ultralight EPS wrapped with impact-resistant ASA", and especially designed for windsurfers over 145 pounds.

The giant Apple logo added a trendy-factor to the avid summer windsurfers wanting to impress friends and co-workers. If you wanted to get your hands on the Apple iWindsurfer, you'd have to pay roughly $2,500, at current prices.

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