Windsurfing: the first Lego kit was launched in 1992

Windsurfing has been a hit in the Lego world. The first-ever windsurf Lego kit was designed and sold in 1992. It was named "Surf N' Sail Camper."

The truth is that Lego and action sports have always walked together. We've seen amazing surfing Lego creations, but we never knew if bricks got into windsurfing.

The answer is "yes, for sure."

"Surf N' Sail Camper" was the first windsurfing Lego kit. Released in 1992, it featured a cool camper with a trailer, windsurf board and sails.

The set had 188 pieces.

Windsurfing: girls go sailing in Lego mode

In the same year, Lego released three more windsurfing boxes: "Seaside Cabana," "Beach Bandit," and "Sand Dollar Café."

They all shared the windsurfing vibe.

In 1993, Lego launched the "Windsurfer" (21 pieces), "Beach Rescue" (147 pieces), and "Surf Shack" (93 pieces), a laid-back beach bar and grill.

One year later, the "Windsurfer & Van" and the "Cabana Beach" saw the light of day.

The "Dolphin Point" was first marketed in 1995. It includes a windsurfing set, a lighthouse, four mini-figures, a dolphin, and more rare and exclusive pieces.

Three years later, Lego introduced windsurfing to its female audience through the Belville range with "Dolphin Windsurfer" and "Surfers' Paradise."

Lego would only add windsurfers and windsurfing to the colorful brick collection in the 21st century, with the "Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Tower" (2008), "Marina" (2001), and "Stephanie's Beach House" (2014).

Windsurfing: life's better when you're rigging

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