Air Windsurf Freeride: the inflatable windsurf board by RRD | Photo: RRD

RRD launched the Air Windsurf Freeride, an inflatable windsurf board that allows you to get planing.

A decade ago, inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP) opened the way to a revolution in boardsports.

A few years later, the WindSUPs allowed beginner windsurfers to take the boards off of the car roof.

Today, everything is simpler - you can carry all your windsurfing equipment in the car's luggage compartment.

And the new Air Windsurf Freeride is one the first inflatable windsurf boards in the market that steps into the full speed planing stage.

The 150-liter board by RRD is stiffer than previous inflatable models and has a rigid structure thanks to the three sandwich Dyneema belts.

"Specifically recommended for freeriding, this is the real first step towards a new way of windsurfing at full speed and planing, even earlier than a composite freeride board," explains Roberto Ricci.

The Air Windsurf Freeride also features an Integrated Tuttle Box system that allows windsurfers to use standard fins, and experience the same feel and upwind performance they get on a classic board.

Finally, RRD added a Soft PVC Sharp Rail Profile with a hollow chamber that creates a perfect water release off of the board's tail.

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