Starboard AirPlane: the the world's first fully-planing inflatable windsurf board | Photo: Starboard

Starboard launched the world's first fully planing inflatable windsurf board. The AirPlane is tough, light, and extremely compact.

It was an inevitable move. Starboard officially enters the inflatable windsurf world with four new models for beginners, progressive riders, and kids.

The Airplane introduces Rail Edge, a 3D rubber formula that allows the board to plane.

The inflatable technology by Starboard also features a fully integrated mast track, which avoids deflation at sea, a strong and stiff fin box, and a 6'' drop stitch.

The new inflatable windsurf board can be fully inflated in between five and ten minutes.

"Compared to conventional boards, they're soft on impact, making it safe, comfortable, and tough. Being lighter and capable of rolling up to fit in a backpack, they're literally the lightest, strongest, and most compact windsurf boards in the world," explains Tiesda You, head designer at Starboard.

The AirPlane is available in three sizes: 255cm, 285cm, and 300cm; the 285cm version is available with the fully-retractable daggerboard or with a center fin slot.

All models should be inflated to at least 18 PSI.

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