Carlos, the Handboarder: teaching you incredible bodyboarding tips

Carlos "The Handboarder" is back in town. The famous river wave rider from Montreal, Canada, has returned with another great bodyboarding video. This time, to be precise, it's a home bodyboarding movie.

The man who taught us how to bodyboard, kneeboard, bodysurf and "handboard" the Habitat 67 static wave comes with a new collection of useful tips. Now, Carlos "The Handboarder" teaches how to enjoy and dominate the famous FlowRider, the artificial wave machine.

Let's learn how to carve, ride the wave on our knees, pull 360's, drive up and down the Flowrider. Everything you need to know can be easily learned by watching Carlos' video.

In the previous lesson, Carlos "The Handboarder" explained how he invented a new way of riding waves, in the freezing waters of Montreal. You can confirm it. It's all about style and technique.

Also, Carlos revealed us what are his ideas for the future of bodyboarding. "I want to change bodyboard shapes. Ocean waves aren't ridden with knees. Bodyboarding in waves should be all about kneeboarding".

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