Andrea: bodyboarding is not her favorite hobby

When a beautiful German lady turns her back on perfect waves, then it's because some hardcore bodyboarders are pulling into heavy closeouts.

She likes to read, she enjoys listening to music, and she loves to sunbathe. Apparently, bodyboarding is not one of her favorite hobbies.

That is not a problem, though, for a group of prone riding enthusiasts. Mark, Ruben, Jaxson, Daniel, and Salomon left the German beauty on the sand and pulled in.

The waves are just as great as the treasure lying on the beach. No matter if they're closing out, no matter if it's wipeout time. Just go for it while it's pumping.

These gems are peeling at Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, in Panama. Bocas offers some of the best bodyboarding rides in Central America.

Those who are keen to try shore breaks will find this spot quite appealing.

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