Alexandra Rinder: towed out by Hugo Pinheiro

Hugo Pinheiro invited two former women's world bodyboarding champions to a tow-out session.

Four-time world champion Isabela Sousa and two-time world champion Alexandra Rinder have become the first female riders to experience tow-out bodyboarding.

The Portuguese rider and former APB World Tour athlete put two world-class bodyboarders to the test in a surf break located somewhere south of Lisbon.

"Thank you, Hugo, for this incredible experience! Isabela and I had a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to repeating it soon!" expressed Rinder.

The session kicked off early in the morning with all the gear preparations and warm-ups. Later, Rinder and Sousa were towed into punchy four-foot waves.

Hugo Pinheiro is a former European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champion and is no stranger to tow-out sessions. In 2013, he invited pro surfer Vasco Ribeiro for a duel at Supertubos.

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