La Passion D'Une Vie: Lavernhe is best known for being a writer

"Bodyboard: La Passion D'Une Vie" is the name of the latest book written by Amaury Lavernhe, the current world bodyboarding champion". With a technical approach from Amaury about stretching, dietetics, mental and physical training, equipment, boards, fins and wetsuits, it is a great must-have for any rider, beginner or experienced.

The book is focused on bodyboard, from its beginnings with Tom Morey and the "Six Originals" to the IBA Tour, the boogie "Made in France", drop knee and much more.

With beautiful pages covering the best surf destinations in the world, it shows incredible rides from Australia, Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa, Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, France and Reunion Island.

There are impressive pictures of the biggest tricks pulled, Amaury’s biography - his childhood and his life in Reunion Island - his prize list, his crazy 2010 title and many others pages full of moves and dreams.

"Bodyboard: La Passion D'Une Vie" features many famous guests such as Tom Morey, Mike Stewart, Steve MacKenzie, the Hubbard brothers, Ben Player, Guilherme Tamega, Mark McCarthy, Jared Houston, Yeray Martinez, Manuel Centeno, Gastao Entrudo, Michel Novy, Ryan Hardy, Neymara Carvalho, Karla Costa Taylor, Eunate Aguirre and others like Terry McKenna and his shaper Dan Sivess.

"In this book, I want to share my passion and my love for boogie with all the readers. And I dedicate it to all the bodyboarders around the world. Thanks to all the mates that made this nice job possible. Enjoy life, do your best and be happy on the waves!", says the French rider.

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