Amaury Lavernhe: he found the barrels at El Quemao | Photo: Quemao Class

Amaury Lavernhe has taken out the 2018 Quemao Class in Gran Canaria.

After several weeks of waiting, the Quemao Class 2018 didn't disappoint, and on the second day of excellent wind conditions and waves, the champions were finally crowned.

Thirty-two national and international bodyboarders and surfers have once again battled it out at El Quemao in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

The bodyboarding final was exciting, but ultimately the experience and quality of the French rider prevailed. Lavernhe found the barrels, landed a few clean air moves, and took the trophy home.

"Thank you to everyone involved in the event and congratulations to all athletes for their level of riding. A special thanks to the locals for their hospitality and all ocean lovers who support this contest," expressed Amaury Lavernhe.

In the surfing division, Jonathan González put on a clinic performance and defeated Marc Lacomare, William Aliotti, and Gilmar Catelani.

The Quemao Class is one of the most stimulating bodyboarding events in Europe. Hopefully, it can turn into an APB-sanctioned specialty event in the future.

2018 Quemao Class | Finals

1. Amaury Lavernhe
2. Alvaro Padron
3. Ruyman Rey
4. Carlos Sainz

1. Jonathan González
2. Marc Lacomare
3. William Aliotti
4. Gilmar Catelani

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