2019 Belmar Pro: the prestigious East Coast surfing contest is running a bodyboarding specialty event

US bodyboarders will compete at the 2019 Belmar Pro, in New Jersey, from September 12-15.

The prestigious surf contest will run a bodyboarding specialty event - named Custom X Bodyboard Pro - in cooperation with APB North America.

The event is limited to a field of 32 riders and will offer a prize purse of $2,000.

The Custom X Bodyboard Pro is the first official bodyboarding competition held in mainland America in nearly a decade.

The list of competitors features bodyboarders from New Jersey, New York, Virginia, South Carolina, California, Dominican Republica, and Puerto Rico.

But there's more on the horizon. The 2019 National Bodyboarding Festival is an ambitious event that will hit Ocean Beach, in San Diego, from November 23-24.

Hopefully, both contests will pave the way for a sustainable US Tour.

2019 Belmar Pro | Custom X Bodyboard Pro Round 1 Heats

Heat 1
Zachary Veneziano (NJ)
Juan Rivas (DR)
Miguel Aguilar (NY)
Chris Fedele (NY)

Heat 2
Noah Fielder (SC)
Alan Alleyne (NY)
Brandon Weiss (VA)
Chris Hodges (VA)

Heat 3
Andrew Bitleris (NC)
John Mangini (NY)
Sebastian Duk (NY)
Robb Mack (NJ)

Heat 4
Neysan Soleiman (CA)
Tyron Perez (PR)
Peter Cosgrave (NJ)
Tyler Weiss (NJ)

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