Punta Colorada: a bodyboarding paradise in Oaxaca, Mexico | Photo: Salvemos Colorada

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) is setting up the North America 2020 Regional Tour.

It was supposed to run in 2019, but the American continent is finally ready to hold the first professional and amateur bodyboarding circuit.

The first competitive series held since 2014 has already locked in two venues.

APB North America confirmed that Punta Colorada, in Oaxaca, Mexico will be one of the spots where riders will compete for points, prize money, and glory.

Playa Punta Colorada is a well-known beach break. It's mainly a bodyboarding spot located northwest of Puerto Escondido's famous Playa Zicatela.

Punta Colorada: a pristine, yet endangered natural area | Photo: Pace/Salvemos Colorada

An Endangered Surf Break

In the past ten years, Colorada was threatened by the construction of a commercial fishing marina that would not only destroy the perfect wedgey barreling wave but also put a complex marine ecosystem in danger.

The area hosts a variety of swans, migratory birds, and ducks. The local estuary is home to crocodiles, and in the ocean waters live thousands of turtles, tuna, dolphins, oysters, and other large fish.

The occasional migratory whales can also be seen resting and playing around at Punta Colorada.

Hopefully, the bodyboarding event will raise awareness for the preservation of this natural habitat that attracts hundreds of thousands of wave riders year-round.

APB North America has also confirmed that the Bodyboarding US Festival will return to Ocean Beach, in San Diego, in 2020.

The remaining schedule for the North America 2020 Regional Tour will be released in the upcoming weeks. Luckily, there will also be contests in Hawaii, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and California.

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