Freedom Fins promise to end foot ulcers

March 28, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Freedom Fins: less pain in bodyboarding

Pro bodyboarder Andrew Lester is now a busy man. The Australia rider from Cronulla has launched Freedom Fins, a new set of bodyboarding fins.

The new brand is fully owned and managed by Lester and aims to combine old school style with new school technology to bring you the most advanced fin available in the market.

"I'm really stoked that I'm in a position where I can start my own brand. I've always wanted to be able to have my own bodyboarding brand and Freedom fins are the perfect way to enter the bodyboarding market. The fins are amazing", explains Andrew Lester.

"I've been lucky enough to wear pretty much every fin on the market over my career and Freedom fins are the best I've worn by far. They have the softest rubber and with the drainage you never get sand staying in there which cause a lot ulcers. I want to take it slow and build up the brand", he adds.

Andrew Lester tried to eliminate the problems that other fins gave, mainly ulcers, so they have used a composite rubber-like material - surflex - which contains silicon and is much softer on the foot.

Freedom Fins designed a model in which the drainage is kept at the bottom of the foot pocket, to reduce chances of getting your toes caught in the drainage hole.

The new bodyboard fins by Andrew Lester will be available in stores from April 2012 and come in three stylish colours: black and yellow, red and grey, and all black.

Meanwhile, discover some of the best bodyboard fins in the world and protect your feet from foot blisters.

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