IBC World Tour: professional bodyboarders are back in the water in 2022 | Photo: Frontón King

Fifteen contests in ten different countries. The world's first International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) season plans an ambitious schedule.

The 2022 IBC World Tour expects to crown new champions across six divisions. They are as follows:

  • Men (8 events)
  • Women (6 events)
  • Junior Men (10 events)
  • Junior Women (10 events)
  • Drop Knee (3 events)
  • Masters Women (1 event)

The organization promises $537,000 in prize money and believes that the format allows riders to pursue the dream of becoming a world champion.

Crowning World Champions: The Criteria

Here's how the criteria will be applied to the rankings.

For both the men's and women's divisions, the top 4 results will count toward the final overall season results.

The junior men and the junior women world champions will be decided based on the best single result of the year alongside the points collected at the Gran Canaria Fronton King and either Sintra Pro or France Pro, respectively.

The drop knee bodyboarding title will be awarded to the athlete with the season's best single result combined with the points earned at the Sintra Pro.

Finally, the master women's world champion will be determined by a single event - the Wahine Bodyboard Pro in Brazil.

For the 2022 season, riders competing in the men's and women's divisions will retain their rankings from the 2019 IBA World Tour.

According to the IBC, junior men and drop knee bodyboarders will use the results from the events that ran in 2021, namely Sintra Pro and Gran Canaria Fronton King.

The professional bodyboarding circuit will update the 2022 season leaderboards on its official website at ibcworldtour.com.

The IBC World Tour calendar features events in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, France, and Spain.

The official schedule also includes two specialty competitions: South Africa's prestigious TAND Invitational and France's legendary Annaëlle Challenge.

The International Bodyboarding Corporation - officially named Corporacion Internacional de Bodyboard - is formally registered as a non-profit organization in Antofagasta, Chile.

The institution aims to develop and support bodyboarding worldwide by empowering regional areas to grow the sport from the grassroots to the national level.

Professional bodyboarding: the world tour is now ran by run by the International Bodyboarding Corporation | Photo: Frontón King

2022 IBC World Tour | Schedule

Lurin Pro | Peru | March 11-13 (Junior Men, Junior Women)
Marcona Pro | Peru | March 18-20 (Junior Men, Junior Women)
Arica Cultura Bodyboard | Chile | April 29 - May 7 (Men, Junior Women)
Iquique Pro | Chile | May 8-14 (Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women)
Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival | Chile | May 19-29 (Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Drop Knee)
Itacoatiara Pro | Brazil | June 6-16 (Men, Junior Women)
Wahine Bodyboard Pro | Brazil | June 20-26 (Masters Women, Women Junior Women)
IBC Junior Sandy Beach Pro | Hawaii | June 24-26 (Junior Men)
Pascuales Bodyboard Festival | Mexico | July 22-31 (Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Drop Knee)
Kiama Pro | Australia | August (TBC)
Walker Bay Pro | South Africa | August 19-28 (Men, Women)
Sintra Pro | Portugal | September 5-11 (Men, Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Drop Knee)
France Pro | France | September (Junior Men, Junior Women)
Gran Canaria Fronton King | Spain | October 17-31 (Men, Junior Men)

2022 IBC Specialty Events

TAND Invitational | South Africa | July 22 - August 14
Annaëlle Challenge | France | September-December

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