Jeff Hubbard: winning in waves he knows well | Photo: Kekai Paulsen

Jeff Hubbard has taken out the 2017 Sandy Beach Challenge, in the South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The three-time world champion returned to competition mode after witnessing the birth of his daughter Jaqueline. Hubbard proved to be hard to beat in Hawaiian waves.

"I can't lie. I was nervous after becoming a father and wasn't sure how it would be to compete again. But I had a really fun Saturday getting back to competition groove and hanging with good friends," said Jeff Hubbard.

"It's great to see how each year the level of riding goes higher and gets better! Bodyboarding in Hawaii is in good hands."

The 2-Star rated event is now part of the 2017 APB World Tour calendar, delivering 1,000 points and $5,000 in prize money. The same competitive structure applies to the upcoming Tahara Pro, scheduled for Japan from September 1-4.

2017 Sandy Beach Challenge | Final

1. Jeff Hubbard, 16.10
2. Sammy Morretino, 14.50
3. Tanner McDaniel, 14.36
4. Kahekili Labatte, 10.20

1. Jessica Becker, 9.80
2. Karla Costa Taylor, 7.9
3. Lindsey Yasui, 6.87
3. Ayako Ancheta, 7.33

1. Dave Hubbard, 13.84
2. Kawika Rohr-Kamai, 12.60
3. Mack Crilley, 10.45
4. Dayton Wago, 7.63

1. Kainoa Lono, 15.53
2. Kawika Rohr-Kamai, 15.17
3. Ezra Hill, 11.93
4. Noa Aquino, 7.17

1. Ben Severson, 10.5
2. John Kamai, 8.43
3. Cary Kayama, 6.00
4. Wade Asato, 4.66

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