Jeff Hubbard: watch the reef, mate

Jeff Hubbard is currently recovering from a dangerous injury. The pro bodyboarder was having a training session at Half Point when he was thrown to the ocean floor and hit the back against the reef.

"I knew I was messed up as soon as I hit. I was hoping it was just the wind knocked out of me but as I got my breath back, I knew something was amiss. I grabbed onto my board and got pushed to shore", tells Jeff.

Hubbard could barely walk. As he touched land, he got a helping hand from a sunbather and his friends took him to the emergency room at Queens Medical Center.

The first tests and X-Rays showed a fractured 11th rib and a fractured L1 and L2 transverse process vertebrae.

Although Jeff Hubbard is lucky to stay out of the red injury zone, he shouldn't be able to bodyboard for, at least, two months.

Hubbard is being treated with pain medication rehab work. "Hopefully, I am able to make the El Fronton Invitational contest starting December 10-21st. That's my goal", says Hubbard.

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