Tanner McDaniel: an air reverse into history | Photo: Jimenez/APB

Tanner McDaniel has taken out the 2018 Arica Bodyboard Cultura at El Flopos in Ex-Isla Alacrán, Chile.

The Hawaiian bodyboarder defeated two-time world champion Pierre-Louis Costes in spectacular 10-foot wave conditions and claimed his first-ever APB Tour event.

On his fifth visit to Arica, McDaniel also became the first rider in the history of bodyboarding to win a final with a Perfect 20 score.

"Arica is one of the events where you can really show what you are made of. I found a strange clarity in my last few heats that I haven't experienced before," explained Tanner McDaniel.

The 19-year-old rider from Kauai combined speed and acrobatics to build his two-wave total. On his first 10-point ride, McDaniel landed a full-rotation air reverse.

But the Hawaiian, who has been on the wing of Mike Stewart in the last decade, wanted to go for the impossible, and on a deep barrel, Tanner found a sneaky exit and celebrated another Perfect 10.

"Winning my first event against PLC was a dream come true, not to mention my first perfect heat. I can't wait to come back next year to see how much higher level is," added the champion.

Despite losing the final with a near-perfect score of 19.10, Costes was gracious in defeat and admitted that Tanner's performance opened a new chapter in professional bodyboarding.

"Tanner is the future of the sport, and this is the first of many victories for him to come," concluded the French bodyboarder.

The next stop on the APB's Grand Slam Series (GSS) is the Itacoatiara Pro in Brazil, which runs from June 16-26.

2018 Arica Bodyboard Cultura | Final

1. Tanner McDaniel (HAW), 20.00
2. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 19.10

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