Tanner McDaniel: sharing the stoke with young Southern California bodyboarders | Photo:

Tanner McDaniel shared his stoke and bodyboarding skills with a group of young groms from San Clemente.

The talented rider from Kauai visited the Bodyboarding Adventures, Southern California's only dedicated bodyboarding school with a mission to introduce the sport to the next generation.

McDaniel, who stopped by the camp to offer kids bodyboarding tips and demonstrate some of his signature moves, was the youngest person to ever compete in the Pipeline Invitational in Hawaii.

He spent the afternoon with kids, as well as adults who wanted to improve their skills. Bodyboarding Adventures was founded by Steve and Emily Barnes.

"Steve's love of bodyboarding began on a warm summer day in Honolulu in 2007 where he hopped on 'Auntie's' bus and ventured out to famous Makapu'u beach. After spending a few hours catching waves, he was hooked," explains Emily.

"Later that week, he picked up an issue of Bodyboarding Magazine, cast his eyes across a two-page photo spread of Salt Creek Beach here in Dana Point, and vowed to himself he would live close enough to go there every day. Eight years later, he and his new family moved to Ladera Ranch where his vision for a bodyboarding company started to take shape."

After countless hours of research, late night brainstorming sessions with his wife, and connecting with some of the sport's greatest athletes, he decided to follow his passion and created Bodyboarding Adventures which offers summer camps for kids aged six and up and private lessons for both kids and adults.

Hopefully, the new bodyboarding center will help bring new participants into the sport and bring back the pro competitions to Mainland America.

Bodyboarding Adventures: Southern California's only dedicated bodyboarding school

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