Tanner McDaniel storms The Wedge

September 14, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Tanner McDaniel: a bodyboard painting at The Wedge

The skinny Hawaiian is back. Tanner McDaniel visited The Wedge, in Newport Beach, and the result is simultaneously striking and inspiring.

In the past, he was seen as Mike Stewart's protégé. But the pupil evolved, and years passed. McDaniel is 16 years old, and some say he resembles Jeff Hubbard.

The truth is that the future of bodyboarding is bright and colorful. Tanner traveled all the way to California and put on a brilliant show of airs and vertical drops.

You will see for yourself. Tanner McDaniel is not afraid of uncomfortable impact zones, white water rumble, and backwash surprises. The bodyboarder from Kauai just goes for it.

Tanner McDaniel's Labor Day Weekend at The Wedge is just a glimpse of what he will reveal in the upcoming professional bodyboarding seasons.