Pride Pin System: connect and disconnect your bodyboard leash fast

Pride Bodyboards announced the release of its first leashes featuring the Pride Pin System (PPS) technology.

Removing the leash from the bodyboard has always been complicated. But you must do it if you don't want to damage your board while traveling or simply store it in your car's boot.

Some riders will untie the knot; others will unplug the board to avoid loosening the string with their teeth and fingers.

The French company's R&D lab launched a new solution that allows riders to quickly connect and disconnect the leash itself from the plug in less than a second.

"We developed a pin system on the connector that links the swivel to the 7mm urethane cord. A piece of steel enters the swivel's hole, ensuring the maximum resistance in the leash," explains Pride."

"When you remove the pin, the swivel is uncoupled from the connector, but the connection remains attached to the plug. This allows riders to remove their leash in a matter of seconds."

The new technology is now available in the Costes and Pride biceps leash models and resembles the quick-release systems found in kitesurfing control bars.

Learn everything you need to know about the bodyboard leash.

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