Campbell's Beach: sharks are rare

Zac Young, a 19-year-old bodyboarder, has lost his life in a shark attack, at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

Young was enjoying waves with his friends at Campbell's Beach, when a bull shark bit his legs. They were catching waves at a spot named "The Well", 200 meters off Riecks Point.

The bodyboarder fought the shark and had to be taken to the beach by his friends. Although he was treated by the medical team, Zac Young wouldn't survive the loss of blood.

"I can only recall, in the 35 years I've been here, of two shark attacks, both of those were only little. It's very, very unusual", says Greg Hackfath, Coffs Harbour Council lifeguard team leader.

The local bodyboarding community is shocked. In the last week, Chris Boyd, 35, was killed by a shark when he was surfing "Umbies", near Gracetown, Western Australia.

The IBA Australasia has also issued an official statement. "Our members and staff wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Port Macquarie bodyboarder Zac Young. Zac was a great kid and will be dearly missed by us all".

Zac Young was enjoying his first road trip after getting his driver's licence. He wanted to follow a career as a news photographer. He will be always remembered by his friends and family as a warm and friendly human being.

Take a look at the shark attack map.

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