Uri Valadão: he has five Brazilian bodyboarding titles under his belt | Photo: Lara/CBRASB

Uri Valadão and Joselaine Amorim have been crowned 2019 Brazilian bodyboarding champions, in Linhares, in the state of Espírito Santo.

The names of the new champions were only revealed during the Povoação Bodyboarding Festival, the last event of the Brazilian Bodyboarding Circuit.

The 2018 IBA World Tour champion celebrated his fifth national title. Valadão had previously won in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2008.

But this year's title race was tight and was only decided in the final. After defeating Eder Luciano in the semifinals, Uri beat Lucas Nogueira in the decisive heat and raised the trophy.

On the women's side, Amorim secured her second Brazilian bodyboarding title. However, and after getting eliminated in the quarterfinals, she had to wait for Maira Viana's result.

In the final, veteran Neymara Carvalho defeated Viana and handed the trophy to Joselaine.

Interestingly, Uri Valadao and Joselaine Amorim celebrated their new Brazilian titles 11 years and 17 years after their last achievement, respectively.

2019 Brazilian Bodyboarding Circuit | National Champions

Pro Men: Uri Valadão (BA)
Pro Women: Joselaine Amorim (RS)
Open Men: Adriano Barreto (RJ)
Open Women: Luna Hardman (ES)
Under 16 Men: Gabriel Castro (CE)
Master: Juan Pedraza (ES)

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