Fascinating facts about the Great Barrier Reef

It's a marine playground, and one of the most impressive natural scenarios our planet has to offer. Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Earth's largest living structure.

For many the Great Barrier Reef is nature's greatest gift to Australia; a mosaic of marine life where oceanographers and biologists find plenty of reasons to do research.

You can actually spot the GBR from outer space. The area is larger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands combined, and roughly the size of Texas.

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Recycled floating park opens in Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is now home to a recycled floating park. The prototype has been unveiled and is open to visitors.

The new 140-square-meter space is 100 percent made from recycled plastics and features several hexagonal pods with multiple purposes.

The geometric blocks were installed to create small gardens, chill out zones, and habitat for wildlife.

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City of Kwinana collects 815 pounds of garbage using drainage nets

The city of Kwinana is testing a simple, yet cost-effective solution to reduce the discharge of waste from drainage systems.

The Western Australian town installed nets on the outlet of drainage pipes, preventing solid waste and gross pollutants from leaving the sewers.

The goal is to prevent solid residues of average dimensions that come from residential zones and are transported by rain waters from contaminating the Henley Reserve.

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