The top 10 ocean issues

Although they cover over 70 percent of the surface of the planet, the oceans of the world are under serious threat. Discover the ten biggest problems in the oceans right now.

Around eight million tons of garbage are dumped into the ocean every day, and 80 percent of marine pollution comes from land.

These figures have an enormous impact and disastrous consequences on marine biodiversity. But there's more. Take a look at the top 10 ocean issues:

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What is Glass Beach?

The name says it all. Welcome to a California beach where, instead of sand, you'll find millions of tiny pieces of glass.

Glass Beach is a group of three small and narrow beaches in MacKerricher State Park, near Fort Bragg, California, that are covered by millions of colorful pieces of sea glass of all sizes and shapes.

But why is there glass on Glass Beach? All three beaches are abundant in sea glass due to years of dumping garbage into a near coastline areas.

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Vasco da Gama's astrolabe is the oldest known navigation tool

Researchers from the University of Warwick state that the astrolabe found in 2014 in the Indian Ocean is the oldest known marine navigation tool.

The astrolabe is an ancient tool used by navigators and astronomers to identify planets and stars, to determine the local latitudes, and to make geographical triangulations.

The relique was excavated by Blue Water Recoveries. Initially, the team was not able to spot any navigational markings on it, so the object was sent to a laboratory in Warwick.

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