Californians confirm ban on single-use plastic bags

The citizens of California have decided to keep the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags in the state.

The results of the referendum vote held on the 8th November reveal that the majority of Californians - 52 percent - want to move towards a future without plastics in their daily lives. Californians throw away 14 billion plastic bags every year.

Despite the attempts from the plastic bag industry to overturn the ban, Proposition 67 was approved, and the 2014 law that puts an end to thin plastic bags in large grocery stores and supermarkets will continue valid.

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How to treat a weever fish sting

The weever fish is venomous, well camouflaged and usually attacks before and after low tide. Its sting is painful and lasting. Learn how to treat it properly.

Despite its small size, the weever fish features long, needle-sharp spines that will inject venom in their most frequent victims - surfers, beachgoers, swimmers, and fishermen.

Weever fish can be found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and other coastal regions. In countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, and the United Kingdom, weever fish stings are quite common, especially during summer.

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Ross Sea will be the world's largest marine park

The European Union and 24 countries have signed an agreement to create the world's largest marine protected park in the Ross Sea.

The Ross Sea is a deep bay located in Antarctica's Southern Ocean. It was explored for the first time by James Ross, a British explorer, in 1841.

Over 1,549,000 km2 of the Ross Sea will now be under protection, and roughly two-thirds of the new marine park will be closed to fishing. The Ross Sea has been considered the last intact marine ecosystem left on the planet.

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