Richard Branson: a Sir in kitesurfing

Larry Page, CEO of Google, and Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, have been kitesurfing in the Necker Island, a private small piece of land owned by the British entreprenuer, located in the British Virgin Islands.

In his personal blo, Branson says he has been training hard in his favourite kitesurf spot. The Virgin mogul might try to cross the English Channel, again, after failing to complete the challenge due to bad weather conditions.

Sir Richard Branson tried to celebrate 60th anniversary with a big achievement, but the lack of winds halted his second attempt.

Larry Page has been kitesurfing for a while, too. He has already been spotted riding in the frigid and frozen waters of Alaska. The Google CEO went kitesurfing to the Necker Island with his wife, Lucinda Southworth.

Richard Branson trained for a few hours and then met with the 20 astronauts that will take part in his Virgin Galactic space program. The new commercial flights will depart from the newly debuted Spaceport America, in New Mexico.

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