Cynthia Brown lands first strapless no grab front roll by a woman

August 25, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Cynthia Brown: a strapless master | Photo: Ozone

Cynthia Brown has successfully landed the world's first ever documented strapless no grab front roll by a female kiteboarder.

"Cynbad" is one of the most experienced kiteboarders on planet earth. She's been riding kites since they had only two lines, no safety mechanisms, and no chicken loops.

In the last years, Cynthia Brown has been dedicating her time to freestyle, strapless kitesurfing. Apparently, it paid off. The Connecticut rider living in Los Barriles completed the strapless no grab front roll, and captured it on tape.

"After a 'godzillion' attempts and so much swallowed water, I am finally landing the 'Holy Grail' of strapless kitesurfing tricks! Hallelujah!" wrote Brown, who recently won the foil division at Kiteboarding 4 Cancer.

The strapless no grab 360 is an advanced kiteboarding trick in which wind plays a crucial role in the completion of the maneuver. Feet and body adjustments are critical, too. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.