Richard Branson apologizes over Christy Clark naked kitesurfing invitation

June 5, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Richard Branson: Christy Clark is not Denni Parkinson

Richard Branson has apologized to Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia, Canada, after having invited her to kitesurf while naked on the Virgin Group founder's back, just like he did with Denni Parkinson.

Last week, Branson addressed a blog post to Christy Clark in which he invites the Premier to go kitesurfing and writes: "One thing though - I forgot to tell her about the dress code! Well, here it is". And he showed his famous photo kitesurfing with naked model Denni Parkinson.

Christy Clark said the joke was "disrespectful" and that if that was Branson' best pickup line, then it was no surprise his company is called Virgin. Branson apologized on Twitter.

"Kitesurfing 'check the dress code' comment was a joke. Apologies if anyone took it seriously or thought it in bad taste, no offence meant", the Virgin mogul wrote.

Christy Clark responded. "Light-hearted jokes often have a place, but I don’t think that this was appropriate," the Premier of British Columbia told journalists. "I accept his apology wholeheartedly and I thank him for making it."