Why Richard Branson loves kitesurfing

July 10, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Richard Branson: addicted to kitesurfing

Richard Branson is addicted to kitesurfing. The Virgin mogul is a frequent Guinness World Record beater, and his favorite spot is Necker Island.

"I learned to kitesurf on Necker twelve years ago. It was lethally dangerous. When you fell, you'd be dragged underwater 100 feet, and you prayed you didn't hit a reef," reveals Branson.

"I survived with not too many injuries, and it's been the best sport ever since. I will kitesurf if the wind's up, get half an hour away from Blackberries and iPhones, then come back completely refreshed, ready to go."

"There are very high powered people - like Larry Page from Google and others - that kitesurf, and I think they do because they see it as therapeutic, as well as a lovely way to keep the body fit."

"If you're not doing sports, it's a great pity because life is so much better if you do sports. All you need is a kite and a board, and off you go. You need a sympathetic person to spend four or five hours teaching you, then you've got a lifetime of pleasure ahead. I 100 percent recommend it," concludes Richard Branson.

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