Richard Branson: champagne is served after a kite cross of the English Channel | Photo: PA

Richard Branson has become the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel, between England and France.

The Virgin CEO has set a new Guinness World Record by linking Dymchurch, Kent, and Wimereux in the North of France.

Branson took three hours and 45 minutes to complete the challenge. This was the second attempt in 24 hours, after he was forced cancel is Saturday adventure, because his kite was too small.

Sir Richard Branson considered the adventure "far more challenging" than he expected after facing strong and gusty winds and large waves.

"It's wonderful for the family to have set three world records in two days," he said.

"I have even more respect for Sam's world record having taken so long myself to get across. It's great to be standing on French soil and not be surrounded by French police."

"The trip was far more challenging than I thought, with 40mph winds in the middle of the Channel and major waves."

"I have to admit there were moments when I was tempted to abandon it. The wind direction was the opposite of what had been forecast."

"I expected to scream across but was greeted with a long, downstream kite that took considerably longer," Richard Branson added.

The intrepid 61-year-old kiteboarder crossed the English Channel with eight friends and relatives and also debuted a new record for being the fastest group of kitesurfers to make the crossing.

His son beat the best time 24 hours before, with a total time of two hours and eight minutes.

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