Richard Branson will kitesurf across the English Channel

July 18, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Richard Branson: a passionate kiteboarder

Richard Branson will celebrate his 60th birthday by kitesurfing the English channel.

The owner of the Virgin Group will be the oldest person to kitesurf across the Channel. The adventure will take place between the end August and the beginning of September.

“Kitesurfing is one of my favorite sports. I absolutely love the amazing rush you get when going at high speeds, in high winds, with the most beautiful kite acting as your only guide," says Branson.

"I know that kitesurfing across the channel will not be quite the same as kitesurfing in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean but I can’t think of anything I rather do, with my family and friends, to celebrate turning 60."

The entrepreneur will have an approximately six hour journey along 24.4 miles.

"My wife swears I get more barking as I get older – this year I’ve almost crippled myself running 26.2 miles in my first marathon and now I’m putting my poor 60 year old bones through an arduous 24.4 miles, over water, hanging onto a giant kite", he added.

Sir Richard Branson will be supported by Virgin Active UK and Flexifoil.

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