Kiteboard grabs: it is all about style and level of difficulty | Photo: Chidiac/Red Bull

Kiteboard grabs are an essential move in intermediate and advanced kiteboarding. Grabbing your board is the first step into the complex world of kite tricks.

Style and level of difficulty. That is all we need to know when we talk about kiteboard grabs.

However, the number of grabs is so high that we need a map to understand what we're doing or what we plan to do.

There is no science behind board grabs.

But they have different (and odd) names depending on the area of the board that is grabbed and whether you're doing it with your right or left hand.

Body movement and posture also do their job.

Kite grabbing is easy. You can start by training with a skateboard before getting airborne.

When you're out in the water, try bending one leg while keeping the other straight to make the board come closer to you.

This will enable you to reach it easier.

There are nine back hand (B) kiteboard grabs and ten front hand (F) kite grabs.

The Rocket Grab is the only kiteboard grab that is performed with both hands.

Ready to pull them one by one?

Learn how to land all maneuvers with the "Kiteboarding Tricktionary."

Kiteboard grabs: the map of the tricks

List of Kiteboard Grabs

Back Hand Grabs

B1 | Stalefish | Back hand to center of heelside edge around back foot
B2 | Tailfish | Back hand to heelside rail between back foot and tail
B3 | Tail | Back hand to tail
B4 | Tindy | Back hand to toeside rail between back foot and tail
B5 | Indy | Back hand to toeside edge, right between pads
B6 | Canadian Bacon | Back hand through legs to toeside
B7 | Crail | Back hand to toeside edge between front foot and nose, back foot boned out
B8 | Nuclear | Back hand to heelside edge, between front foot and nose
B9 | Roast Beef | Back hand through legs to heelside edge

Front Hand Grabs

F1 | Chicken Salad | Front hand through legs to heelside
F2 | Method | Front hand to heelside edge between pads, pulling edge up towards back, arching it
F3 | Hoochie Glide | Front hand heelside Bailey with Method Grab
F4 | Melon | Front hand to heelside edge, tweaking board forward for the style
F5 | Lien Air | Front hand to heelside edge between foot and nose, back foot boned out
F6 | Nose | Front hand to nose
F7 | Mute | Front hand to center of toeside edge
F8 | Japan Air | Front hand like Mute, but pulling board up behind back, knees pointing down
F9 | Tai Pan | Front hand through legs to toeside edge
F10 | Seatbelt Rocket | Front hand to toeside edge (close) to tail, push out front leg for style

Double Hand Grab

Rocket | Both hands to nose and board straight up like a rocket

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