Skimboarding's world title race heats up

The United Skim Tour 2016 entered the second half of the season. In less than a month, two events - Outer Banks Skim Jam and Vilano Pro/Am - ignited the East Coast.

With a victory at the OBX Skim Jam, in North Carolina, Austin Keen reminded everyone that he will always be a world title contender.

Despite having missed the first event of the United Skim Tour season in Brazil, Keen stepped up his game and stole the show. In the final, he defeated hometown hero Perry Pruitt.

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Adrien Raza wins third consecutive European Skimboarding Cup title

Adrien Raza has done it again. The Dutch skimboarder living in Spain claimed his third consecutive European Skimboarding Cup title.

With two first places (Barcelona and Malmö), and a couple of runner-up finishes (Düsseldorf and Gdansk), Raza concluded the season with a 10-point lead over Semjon Szillat.

Adrien will be hard to beat in the European flatland skimming scene, but Szillat proved he has what it takes to dethrone the undisputed king. The German rider won the first event and performed at a high level in the following two events.

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Flatland skimboarding: who's "Pushing It" forward?

They're "Pushing It" forward. Flatland skimboarding is no longer an underground activity with a handful of indie kids. It is a highly regarded division with full-on members.

"Pushing It" has everything you need to keep you entertained for 38 minutes. Wave riding skimboarders will want to try a few flatland tricks; inland skimming enthusiasts will immediately feel inspired by the film's vibe.

It is also a small documentary of a year full of traveling, meeting with friends and showing a bit of what a skimboarder life looks like when he's not skimboarding.

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