Skimboarding: a sport with a bright future | Photo: Shutterstock

We don't know much about "Manifest Destiny (A Skimboarding Short)," but it is a breath of fresh air for the skimboarding community.

The new skim movie by TwinFin Media proves you don't need to be a pro to enjoy skimming. It's all about having fun in the sun - as long as there are two-foot slopes and a few friends to share the moment, you've got what it takes to seize the day.

The man behind the short skim flick is Nick Gruber, an East Coast skimboarder/videographer with a rare and exquisite taste for colorful skim video collages.

"Manifest Destiny" is "a toast to both coasts." The rides were captured over the course of five days in both Laguna Beach, California, and Dewey Beach, Delaware. The soundtrack features five carefully selected songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Pink Floyd.

The final result is a delicious collection of laid-back rides, eye-catching wipeouts, and over-the-moon air attempts which prove that skimboarding is a sport with a bright future

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