Sam Stinnett: fourth world skimboarding title | Photo: Fabiana Badie

Sam Stinnett and Keiao Bucasas have been crowned the 2015 United Skim Tour champions.

All riders knew that the last event of the season would decide who the best skimboarder in the world is right now. For the 11th Annual Exile Oktoberfest Skimboard Contest, only Stinnett, Blair Conklin and Austin Keen were in the world title race.

However, Conklin and Keen had to win the event and hope Stinnett didn't reach the final stages of the competition. Unfortunately for the duo, the rankings leader kept his composure and finished runner-up.

Sam Stinnett secured his fourth world skimboarding title (2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015).

"Words can't explain how stoked I am! Four UST titles couldn't be any sweeter! I'm already stoked for next year's madness. Congrats to Keiao for winning the Women's UST title! Three out of three is mental! Big thanks to the United Skim Tour for such an awesome year. By far the best year ever," said Stinnett.

Keiao Bucasas: she won all events in 2015 | Photo: Fabiana Badie

Keiao Bucasas was clearly the dominant force on the 2015 UST Women's World Tour. She won all three events and, with a clean sheet, she claimed the overall title.

"This year is finally over! The Women's United Skim Tour was barely a month-long but felt like it lasted the entire summer. As tiring as it was, I was able to make it out to all three stops of the Tour bringing home the win," added Bucasas.

"Amazing to see how many girls were able to participate on the Tour! It's been rough, but the progression of women's skimboarding has come a long way. I am so happy to see all the girls out there charging both Pro and Am. Hope to see you guys next year."

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