Gordon Fontaine wins the 2010 Gul Night Surf

June 22, 2010 | Surfing

Gul Night Surf: the dark side of surfing...

Yet again we were blessed with amazing sun and fun contestable waves for this years Gul Night Surf event at Fistral beach, Newquay.

The event kicked off on Friday with the evening host to a pretty fierce SUP battle as the tide pushed up. In near darkness Tim Mellors, Elliot Dudley, Alex Murray and Chris 'Guts' Griffiths battled it out, briefly appearing as they came within the floodlit inside section.

It was that good looking welsh god Chris Griffiths who beat his fellow countryman Elliot along with Tim Mellors and Alex Murray into 1st place.

The evening continued well into the wee hours with many continuing to discover what Newquay has to offer at night!

The Saturday saw similar conditions with an expected increase in swell size later in the day. The standard of the surfing internationally is mind blowing with groms mixing it up with experienced veterans of the contest scene.

As the day progressed there were a few standouts, the SA boys were putting on a great show with Mike Young progressing into the quarters of the Mens open only to be taken down by Reubyn and Joss Ash and Toby Donachie from St Merryn. Newquay's Mark 'Egor' Harris couldn't quite find the waves to get past Johnny Fryer and Gordon Fontaine to reach the final.

Gordon Fontaine went onto a convincing win over Reubyn Ash in second followed by Luis Eyre from Portugal with Johnny Fryer taking fourth.

Anne Cecille surfed her way to a convincing win again with Nicole Morgan in second, Gwen Spurlock third and Hannah Harding from Devon in fourth. It was a close women's final and so good to see the talent emerging in women's surfing.

The higher tide was a great arena for the longboard finals with Ben Skinner promoting his new tipple 'Skindog' and absolutely ripping. It wasn't going to be an easy ride though with Adam Griffiths, Elliot Dudley and Ben Haworth going just as hard. In the end it was Skindog fuelled on his new beer that took first followed by Adam in second, Ben Haworth in 3rd and Elliot in 4th.

The evening was well underway by that point and despite the screen being taken down everyone seemed to be intent on partying hard well into the wee hours.

Sunday morning saw an increase in swell and less winds at first, carfuls of groms were frothing to get at it and not even a carpark full of parents was going to stop them!

In the under 12's it was Liam Murray Strout pulling all the moves out of the bag beating Max Payne, Will Bailey and Harry de Roth to first place.

The under 16 girls saw the swell increasing and constant surprises as these girls paddle out into an ever improving Headland peak, congratulations to Laura Crane from Croyde who got first followed by Flora Lawton in second place, Jaide Lowe in third and Lucy Campbell in fourth.

As the swell continued to build a few mini grom bombs were being ripped to pieces by the Under 16's boys. Miles Hargreaves from Bournemouth silenced critics with a solid win beating Luke Dillon (2nd) , Jobe Harris (3rd) and Will Davey (4th).

The stage was well and truly set for a Pro Junior show down with still baking sun and good head high sets coming through at North Fistral, Lewis Linton was representing Newquay in a very red wetsuit, he got a few good waves early on but as the wind got stronger the peak was shifting making wave selection more and more difficult.

In the end it was Stuart Campbell in first place, Aaron Evans in second followed by Luis Eyre from Portugal in third and Lewis in fourth.

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