Share your surf report and get it from others

July 22, 2015 | Surfing
goFlow: share the stoke and others will follow

Surfers can be selfish. Sharing waves, secret spots and ideal conditions can be suicidal, but the mobile app goFlow wants to give action sports enthusiasts the power to spread the stoke.

Imagine that your favorite surf spot hasn't got a surf camera. And you want to paddle out but you're unsure about the conditions. The iOS and Android app goFlow will give you access to real-time reports and photos uploaded by others in the past minutes.

goFlow was founded by Roni Eshel, a pro surfer turned tech entrepreneur. The app combines social sharing capabilities with expert forecasting and a crowd-sourcing tool that allows users to share ocean conditions with their networks.

The smartphone app provides a seven-day forecast rather than a single day forecast, making relevant every zone. When sharing a photo on goFlow, there are tools that allow users to add the wave size, crowd levels, surf conditions, and an overall rating.

You may restrict the reports and photos with people you trust, you can see where your friends paddled out, and you will be able to chat with locals to know before you go.

goFlow has evolved, and it is also available for kitesurfing, paddleboarding, diving, fishing, boating, snow, golfing and cycling enthusiasts. Remember: if you share, others will share too.

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