Sonny Miller: happy and stoked

Surf filmmaker and photographer Sonny Miller has passed away at 53, after suffering a heart attack.

Miller, also known as "Cap'n Fun" will forever be remembered as the cameraman behind "Riding Giants," "The Search," "Blue Crush," "Lords of Dogtown," "In God's Hands" and "Searching for Tom Curren."

He was born in San Jose, California, in 1950. He caught his first waves at only 11. In the mid-80s, Miller dove into photography and 16mm video.

Sonny Miller was always happy and sharing the stoke with everyone around him. He traveled the world and made friends in all countries.

In 2000, he moved to Hollywood to work on film and TV productions, but he never left the beach and the waves. His technical skills were very much appreciated.

"We did a mission to Tonga in '92 together and I realized then that no matter how far from home or how bad the surf, Sonny was always happy and positive and truly epitomized the meaning of being stoked," reveals Kelly Slater.

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