Surfer Dudes: toy wave riders

"Surfer Dudes" are the world's first toys catching ocean waves and riding them all the way to shore.

Joe Thompson, a self-taught artist from Cocoa Beach, Florida, has developed a fun and unique toy that will turn right side up, point toward the beach, then catch its own wave and surf back to the shore.

"'Surfer Dudes' started as an idea I had when I saw my 8-year-old son watching his older brother surfing. The little guy was far too small to be out in the big waves on his own", explains Thompson.

" So, he would stand in the shallow water and watch his brother and the older guys surfing for hours. I decided to make him an exciting toy to play with near the beach that would keep him safe but also entertain him all day".

"Surfer Dudes" come with the surfer figure, an EVA surfboard, a skeg, and a wing.

You throw it into the water as far as you can. It bobs upright, catches the next wave, and coasts flawlessly back to you.

The new surfing toy is seeking crowdfunding support in order to make the plastic injection molds that will kick off production.

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