Fingersurfing is the new way of riding air waves

August 3, 2013 | Surfing
Fingersurfing: air tricks with your fingers

Fingersurfing is the latest surf toy to hit the market.

They called it Fingersurfing and the concept is very similar to those tiny Tech Deck skateboards. In this case, you'll be riding waves... of air.

"Fingersurfing was lovingly conceived on the backseat of a car. We were driving along in the flat Danish countryside, dreaming ourselves away to a place with proper surf", explains Toke Lotz, founder of Fingersurfers.

"We played with our hands out the window, putting different flat objects like pea pods under our fingers, imitating the surf moves we had seen in Kauai, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. Fingersurfing has come a long way since then".

Rapidly, Toke and his brother Regner Lotz developed the model designs and even attached a leash that keeps the board connected with the rider's finger.

With time and experience, you can become a pro finger surfer. The first Fingersurfing units will be available online.

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