Toy Boarders: what your favorite surf figure?

The surfing world is going retro. We like it. Meet the "Original Toy Boarders," a group of eight surfers with loads of stoke.

Three decades ago, kids didn't have many electronic toys. They had to play with their surfboards, boogie boards, bikes, skateboards, Lego pieces, and Tetris games. ZX Spectrum computers were rare.

Apparently, those times are back. The "Original AJ's Toy Boarders" are simple toys that let kids use their imagination. Do you remember toy soldiers?

The concept is identical, but why promote war when we can let youngsters have positive toys that promote action sports instead of violence?

A San Clemente company is reviving the joyful days when simplicity would entertain a group of boys and girls for hours. Alfa-Row started with skate, surf, snow, and bike figures.

Now, it's time to get toy surfers in the water.

There are eight characters with specific postures - Slash, Pig Dog, Nose Ride, Cruiser, Tube Ride, Wahine, Layback, and Drop-In.

These hand-molded figures can make a surf park out of anything, around the house or at the beach. Take them wherever they go, and let your imagination do the rest.

What's your favorite "Toy Boarder"?

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