Brian Grubb goes drone wakeskating in Slovenia

Brian Grubb is always looking to innovate in wakeskating.

The American took the sport to new territory with his drone tow ride down the Sava Bohinjka River, in Slovenia.

Grubb is famous for stunning projects such as wakeskating on the Banaue Rice Terraces of the Philippines, along a volcanic valley in the Jordanian desert and at the historical Cleopatra Pool in Turkey.

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Guenther Oka and Julia Rick claim dual world titles at the 2018 WWA Wake Park World Championships

The Mayan Water Complex proved to be the absolute perfect destination for the 2018 Wake Park World Championships.

The final day of action showcased the use of every feature to its full potential, leaving no question that the Mexican wake venue remains host to some of the most amazing riding in the world.

Gorgeous weather of the tropics kept the action moving all day long as the world's best threw down in the most epic showdowns.

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Dominik Hernler transforms disused quarry into ultimate wakeboarder's playground

A steel filter, tonnes of rock, a digger and colossal track tires might not seem the ultimate plaything.

But three world-class wakeboarders turned such objects into the ultimate wakeboard experience inside a disused quarry in Carinthia, Austria.

"Falling Rocks" follows the new voyage of X Games medallists and wakeboarders Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgii, and Parks Bonifay.

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