Stacia Bank: her head is still spinning after breaking the Guinness World Record | Photo: 10,000 Lakes Open

Stacia Bank has set a new Guinness World Record for the most 360 spins in 60 seconds on a wakesurfing wave.

The 41-year-old from Minnesota is about to make you dizzy. Bank performed 31 spins on a wave in only a minute.

"The Guinness World Records counted 35, but I went with the Competitive Wake Surf Association [CWSA] guidelines, so it's 31," told Stacia Bank.

In other words, she completed a full rotation every two seconds, and barely found time to regain her composure throughout the stunt.

The professional wakesurfer was riding a skim-style Phase Five Diamond board with a one-foot fin behind Malibu Boats' M235.

Are you about to throw up? Don't watch the video below. Bank is still trying to stop her head from spinning.