Synthetic Swell writes a new chapter for wakesurfing

More than 130 wakesurfers participated in the Synthetic Swell, in Lake Elsinore and San Diego Bay.

The largest wakesurfing event ever in Southern California attracted 58 riders to Elsinore and 73 riders to Pepper Park, with a total of 19 boats involved.

It has been considered and historic demo day for all wakesurfing enthusiasts. Synthetic Swell was organized by Marco Thompson and gathered gear dealers, athletes and boat owners.

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Wakeboarders get set for the Mandurah World Cup 2014

The Mandurah World Cup will kick off the 2014 International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) season, between 15th-16th March, in Western Australia.

With floating obstacles and high altitude gymnastics in the air, wakeboarders will have a chance to prove that all pre-season training was worth it.

Over 100,000 spectators are expected on site, in Mandurah. This world cup stop will add waterski jump to the wakeboard program. There are skiers and riders from 24 countries already confirmed.

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New challenges for wakesurfers at the 2014 WWA Rider Experience

The 2014 Malibu WWA Rider Experience will showcase all amateur divisions, including the all-new Wakesurf division.

The second season of the Malibu WWA Rider Experience will give wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and wakesurfers the opportunity to shine with a true seeding system that will pump their skills from event to event.

The kick off in Buford, Georgia, and will then travel to Stockton, New Braunfels and Lakemoor. With changes to the Junior Pro Men's division, 14-18-year-old wakeboarders will have their chance to show off.

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Call it a lip drop, airdrop or the world's biggest floater. One thing is certain: Kai Lenny opened a new chapter in high-performance big wave riding.

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